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The power of a growth mindset

Aktualisiert: 24. Nov. 2021

📚mindset by Dr. Carol S. Dweck is one of the most impressive books that I have read in the last year. Not because it was so stunningly thrilling but because of the very impressive idea that Carol Dweck puts forward. A real eye-opener whether you are a leader, a teacher, a parent or just some person thriving to live a good life. She promotes the firm belief in the developmental capacity of each and everyone, not without saying that it is a journey that often offers us challenges as means of learning. For some of us it comes more naturally to think in a growth mindset style, for others it is a real stretch.

In a wide range of real life stories in sports, business, relationships, parenting and teaching Dweck shows us how the different mindsets look like in reality.

Growth mindset “is about believing people can develop their abilities” – it’s just as easy as this. But beware, to get there is a process that needs effort. Dweck takes us on this exciting journey.

My personal highlight: when Dweck describes the different steps it takes to move towards the growth mindset she asks you to name your fixed-mindset persona in order to be able to communicate better with it and to take it with you on the journey. Alberta, Fred, John, Mrs. B - what’s your fixed mindset persona called?

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